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hubbys pantie fetish. we are a married couple for 18 years, I am 65 and hubby is 56,both shaved and both adore lingere, hubby started collecting at age 11, has over items now, he started out with friends moms and sisters,especially when he would house sit and raid pantie drawers,I also steal for him from friends and family, He especially likes grand dau and young teen bras and panties. Sep 25,  · Yes, at first I thought Joe’s panty fetish was really weird, but had I said anything about it or rejected him for it I would have hurt his feelings and pride. If you have a story to tell Author: Meaghan Ward.

by pantyperv © I developed my panty fetish early in life when I discovered my sister's lingerie drawer. Like most young males, I began to discover masturbation around puberty. Discovering my sister's panty drawer added a whole new dimension to my methods of masturbation. Panties Stories Refine by tag: panties wedgie underwater pee fetish wedgies spanking sexy girl crossdressing boy kiss dress thông hot love bdsm embarrassing kissmyoops3 diapers.

Aunt's Panties - a story of discovering and enjoying a pair of silky panties found in his aunt's laundry. (panty fetish, masturbation, true experience) Playing with Mummy - a crazy hot mom son incest fantasy story. (mother/son, masturbation, oral, anal, incest, big breasts, hairy bush). My wife’s sister was staying with us for a few weeks while she was between places and one night I was pretty buzzed up and went into her room when she was supposedly sleeping. It was dark so I reached in and grabbed the most satiny feeling pair an.