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the imperial fist - Fisting Fun 54 (full vintage movie)

The Imperial Fists are a First Founding chapter of Space Marines, descended from Rogal Dorn and characterized by their mastery of siege warfare and their extreme, often suicidal stoic bravery. They are the forefathers of the blue guys with red hands, as well as the in-game Angry twinkx.xyzr Master: Vorn Hagen (formerly Vladimir Pugh). The annals of the Imperial Fists are filled with storied heroes of the Chapter who fought on in battle despite suffering terrible wounds. The Indomitable Warlord Trait will enable your commander to shrug off even the hardest hits, giving you a huge advantage in .

Apr 08,  · Imperial Fist Tactics Conclusion In conclusion, the Imperial Fists are a chapter of siege fighters and it’s easy to see in how they play best. They move slowly towards the enemy while capturing objective and raining Bolter ammunition on the opposing forces. Jul 15,  · Imperial Fists are a chapter that does raw aggression and hitting power very well. They do it through their excellent shooting as opposed to assault (like White Scars or Blood Angels). The Imperial Fists chapter tactic, Siege Masters, grants them ignores cover for their shooting and exploding 6s on all their bolt weapons.

Apr 27,  · The Imperial Fists have always been one of my favourite Space Marine chapters, almost certainly because they were the poster boys of Epic 40, back when I was first getting into the Games Workshop hobby. There’s something about vast legions of grimy yellow tanks flanked by Thunderhawk gunships that will always appeal to me.