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FIST OF FEAR, TOUCH OF DEATH is to the martial-arts genre what KILLER CLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE is to the horror genre; it is pure and utter exploitational shlock and yet it is hysterically, unintentionally funny. And then movies like FISTS OF FEAR TOUCH OF DEATH came out. Using footage of non-martial arts movies that Lee did when he was young as well as martial arts sequences from other films he never took part in, they put together a story that is at times hilarious and at other times head scratching/5.

Jul 05,  · Fist of Fear, Touch of Death() is the worst "Bruceploitation" film ever made. It makes Bruce Li and Dragon Lee look good. It could have been shown on MST3K. It uses stock footage of Bruce Lee from the 's with new dialouge dubbed in! It shows a clip from a "Bruce Lee film"/5. Apr 27,  · ‘Fist of Fear, Touch of Death’ (Blu-ray review) By. William Cutshaw. Published. April 27, I’d never seen (or even heard of) the Bruce Lee cash-in Fist of Fear, Touch of Death until very recently. I suppose that is with good reason, as it’s a mostly terrible film, but there are aspects of it which should yield some appeal to Author: William Cutshaw.

Apr 13,  · In truth, Fist of Fear, Touch of Death is nothing more than a cheap, classless cash grab. Personally, I’m okay with that when the results are as unabashedly transparent as what are on showcase here. That said, the overall product is just too uneven to garner a high recommendation. May 12,  · Fist of Fear, Touch Of Death The Bruceplotation mockumentary gets a 40 th anniversary 4K restoration you never knew it deserved Death it seemed was no barrier to the phenomenal success of Bruce Lee in the late 70s. He died on July 20, , just a month before Enter The Dragon would cement his place as an international action star.

Fist of Fear, Tou c h of Death is a oddity that poses as a bonafide celebration of Bruce Lee. Fans of the martial arts master will not receive actual footage of him fighting, but instead they will experience a bizarre satire that looks at the events surrounding his death and a . Apr 06,  · Also, as a result of delays, Fist of Fear, Touch of Death is now available for pre-order on The Film Detective website in a limited-edition Blu-ray ($) or on DVD ($)—With a pressing of just 1, Blu-rays.