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crop adult gret dane tail - Foursome Orgy crop of Vintage CC Nuns

Great Dane Tail Like the rest of the Great Dane’s coat, the Great Dane’s tail is sleek, and according to breed standards, should lie flat and look like a smooth continuation of the spine. While the tail may sometimes raise up a bit while the dog is running, the tail shouldn’t be raised up beyond the level of the back. Along with ear cropping, tail docking is seen as a controversial practice in today’s world and even banned in certain countries. How do I know if my Great Dane has happy tail syndrome? The beginning stages of happy tail syndrome may be noted by bald spots, your Great Dane biting, or visibly raw patches on the tip of the tail.

Jan 05,  · The Great Danes aren't meant for cropped tails, whether or not it is knocking over your kids. Theres only specific breeds (usually sheepdogs since their tails can get messy when they work) that is allowed to crop tails. And Great Danes aren't in that category. 1 0. ainawgsd. Lv 7. Sep 16,  · The practice of cropping the ears and tails on certain breeds of dogs goes back in history to a time when dogs were bred and used for much different purposes. Ear cropping in Great Danes began to prevent ripping and tearing when confronting wild boar during a hunt.

Tail docking in puppies is much less difficult then tail docking in an adult dog but regardless of the age of the dog when the tail docking is performed, it is at risk for bleeding, unmanaged pain, and anesthetic complications. Other issues can also arise in adult dogs that have their tails . For those showing their Danes, a docked tail is a disqualification in our breed, so amputation means the end of a show career. In addition to taping while the tail is healing, there are other preventative ideas that help. If the dog is breaking the tail open while kenneled, padding the sides of the crate/kennel might help.

Happy Tail is a big reason why people need to dock their Great Dane’s tails. According to Sighthound Underground: “Happy Tail” sounds like a good thing. It really isn’t. Happy tail is the term for the injury that occurs when some dogs wag their tails so hard against the walls (or furniture) that the skin opens up and leaves, well, a. The working dog with tails was at one point taxed in the UK and many dogs were docked to save on this tax. This tax was scrapped in the late 18 th century. Even then, tail docking continued to be rampant among dog breeders and owners and still persists in some countries today for several alleged reasons including: Prevent Tail Damage.