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Circumcision rates are thus reported by hospitals and may undercount circumcisions that are performed in other settings or on older children or adults. The highest circumcision rates in the U.S. are in the Midwest, with Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, and Michigan all reporting rates above 80 percent. The third section focuses on the public health implications of the fact that male circumcision reduces risk of HIV infection, including a summary of the acceptability of adult male circumcision in currently on-circumcising populations in .

Nov 06,  · Trends in circumcisions among newborns. Related Pages. On This Page. findings compliment the accumulating and extensive body of knowledge pertaining to the medical benefits and risks of circumcision. In , percent of all male newborns born in hospitals were circumcised. While the overall percentages of circumcised infants have. Approximately 30% of males are estimated to be cir- cumcised globally, of whom an estimated two thirds are Muslim. Other common determinants of male circumcision are ethnicity, perceived health and sexual benefits, and the desire to conform to social norms.

Trends in Circumcision for Male Newborns in U.S. Hospitals: – by Maria Owings, Ph.D.; Sayeedha Uddin, M.D., M.P.H.; and Sonja Williams, M.P.H., Division of Health Care Statistics. This report provides estimates of male newborn circumcisions performed during the birth hospitalization. Using data from the National Hospital Discharge. Circumcision pre-dates recorded history. It has been argued that the practice of circumcision, by freeing the penis of a phimotic foreskin, may have conferred a selective advantage that aided sexual intercourse and thus reproduction, so enhancing the competitive success of our species as it evolved [Cox, ; Cox & Morris, ].

In the United States, over 60 percent of newborn males go through circumcision annually, with the number of adults much less. However, there are no accurate statistics as such. In most cases, adult patients opt for this procedure because of medical indications, but the common reason why men opt for it is personal and social reasons. Apr 09,  · Adult circumcision is a reconstructive procedure that removes excess foreskin from the shaft of the penis. Because most American men are circumcised, those who aren’t can feel self-conscious, as they worry whether their partners find it unusual. Furthermore, some skin conditions can lead to an adult circumcision, including.