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Aug 14,  · Cradle cap is a skin condition that causes redness, white or yellow scaly patches, and dandruff on the scalp. It sometimes also affects the face, Author: Jacquelyn Cafasso. Oct 16,  · It is not known what the exact cause of cradle cap in adults is but it is suspected that some things could be risk factors. The condition I most common in adults aged between 30 and Changes in weather, being obese, infrequent shampooing neurologic disorders, heredity and having acne all act as risk factors for getting dandruff.

Sep 24,  · Cradle Cap in Adults Cradle cap can happen in adults as well and can be caused by stress, hormones or illness, and other skin conditions. The scientific name for adult cradle cap is seborrheic dermatitis. But, like we mentioned earlier, you probably know it better as dandruff. Adult cradle cap is a form of seborrheic dermatitis which can be a cause for dandruff and one of the major causes for adult cradle cap. The symptoms can appear as red, flaky, oily, scaly, greasy and itchy or non-itchy and then scale over causing a suffocation of the hair follicles that stops hair growth.

But despite its name, cradle cap is not limited to babies - it is possible to get cradle cap in adults, only it's commonly referred to as dandruff or seborrhoea / seborrheic dermatitis. This umbrella term loosely covers a range of skin conditions including psoriasis, cradle cap, dandruff and some kinds of eczema. Adult seborrheic dermatitis (ASD) appears to be caused by an inflammatory response to a type of yeast commonly found on the scalp and skin. In addition to the scalp, ASD often affects the eyebrows, eyelids, ears, nasal folds and chin. Treatment of scalp ASD typically includes use of one or more types of medicated shampoo.

Nov 27,  · In adults, Cradle crap is referred to as Seborrhoeic Dermatitis. It causes bad dandruff and in some cases, a rash, usually on the upper body and the face of sufferers. It mainly affects young adults and peaks at around 40 years of age. It’s called “dandruff” (pityriasis capitis) when it’s on a teenager’s or adult’s scalp, and “cradle cap” when it’s on a baby’s. Seborrheic dermatitis can occur in other areas of your body. These are areas with the most sebaceous (oil) gland activity: your upper back and chest, face/forehead, the .