adult diaper fetish 2 - adult who likes diapers


adult who likes diapers - adult diaper fetish 2

Apr 02,  · What do you think of a young adult male patient who appears to be wearing diapers by preference? You have no idea about it until he uses his call light to let you know he had an "accident " in his diaper and needs help changing it. He has an erection during this process. Two hours later he does the same, only he has both urinated and and defecated. Think of it this way. You start out in life, with everything done for you, and nothing to do for yourself but to play, cry and fill your nappies. You become a toddler and weather you realise or not the first responsibility you get is to learn to s.

Adults who still wear diapers under their clothes! Sep 22,  · With adult diapers, there isn't too much variety in terms of color and feel. Sure, there are cloth and plastic-backed as well as white, blue, green, and peach coloring, but it's generally the same. I like white plastic-backed myself but everyone is different.

Aug 16,  · No matter how old your spouse is, there may be times at which they need or want to wear adult diapers. From incontinence to even sexual fetishes, many adults wear diapers, which are also called “quilted briefs,” “disposable briefs,” or “protective underwear.”80%(). Great that she likes her diapers and being like a baby. Take the next step and transform her room into a nursery complete with an adult size crib and changing table. Add a rocking chair have her lye in your arms and feed her a ba ba she will wet even more put at least a triple cloth diaper on her and those cute plastic baby panties.