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Urns for Ashes. The Adult and Children Cremation Urns for ashes include a large line of Urns Materials of Brass, Wood, Glass, Marble, Ceramic Raku and Biodegradable Urns. The Variety of Styles is almost endless including Keep The Memory Urns, Angel and Religious Urns, Sports Urns, Veterans Urns, Art Urns and much more. Adult urns for cremation ashes are ideal for honouring the memory of your loved one. The choice of memorial urn should not be taken lightly. Your loved one is unique with a unique personality, a certain view on life and unique tastes and preferences. Storing the ashes of this person in a cremation keepsake urn that matches these traits is an.

Adult Urns; Items engraved by third party engravers are not guaranteed and cannot be returned. Showing 1–24 of results Georgian Cultured Marble Adult Urn – Perlato Registration, approval and login required to see prices. Georgian Cultured Marble Adult Urn – Sky Blue. Vibrant Green Brass Cremation Urn - Adult - BA - IMPERFECT. Rated out of 5. Registration, approval and login required to see prices Lenox - Fine Porcelain Urn with 24k Gold Trim - Adult. Rated out of 5. Registration, approval and login required to see prices.

Earthly Home Wooden Urn Box for Human Ashes, Cremation Funeral Urns Box, Pet Memorial Urns, Decorative Urn, Cat Infant Adult Urn, Keepsake Burial Ash Box-Medium (Engraved Flower, 7 X 5 X inch) out of 5 stars /5(46). Double Adult Urn for the ashes of 2 adults (can also be used as an oversized single) Choice of 1 large chamber or 2 separate chambers Material: Cultured granite is a precise blend of natural granite limestone and synthetic polyester resins. Seals with a " diameter threaded metal .

Adult Cremation Urns - Cremation Urns Adult Cremation Urns. PLEASE NOTE: Our showroom is currently closed. Pick ups from the warehouse are still available. Toggle navigation. My Account 0. Keepsake Memorial Jewellery. Life Cycle Keepsake Jewellery ; Stainless Steel Cremation Jewellery. Creating customized urns can be easier and more affordable than you might expect. For a truly unique way to celebrate a life, creating custom urns are among the most unique and rewarding memorial options available. We can walk you step-by-step through the custom urn process as we help you determine your budget, time frame, and vision for the piece.