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Nov 10,  · True Confessions Of What Women Do When They’re Drunk Together. Life. By Andrea Wesley. When women get together and the cocktails start flowing, it’s really no surprise that sometimes stuff gets a little crazy (and maybe even a bit weird). The truth is there’s nothing like a good night of getting rip-roaring drunk and acting like idiots together. We really are a particular breed when it comes . Oct 23,  · Dawn Rouse, the founder of True Wife Confessions, admits to writing the first 20 confessions – including less shocking revelations such as "I know where your belt, glasses or wallet are. I .

Anonymous Confessions, tell the world your stories and confessions, or read other peoples confessions. i have a secret confession To find a women who wold enjoy to see me in footed pajamas something about seeing cute hot women in them turns me on as many women wouldnt mind seeing a guy wear them? The sex is great better than. I'm a petite, average-looking woman of I first had s** with my son when he was I had been divorced for 2 years and had been without s** since before his father left me for a much younger woman. I taught him everything I knew, including oral s**.I just love the taste of his warm, creamy s****. S** with my son. who is 19 now, is just fantastic and he can't get enough of me.

Edge Confessions: I was 40 years old had sex with 15 years old boy friend of my kids I am a 51 year old woman who is divorced now, About ten years ago when I was 40 or 41, me and my then husband was separated but, we were trying to get things back together again. Oct 06,  · Confessions of a Cheating Wife I was a year old, stay-at-home mother of 7-year-old twins and wife of a successful year old businessman. We live in a picture-perfect house complete with all the trappings that reflect a comfortable life. My husband made sure to provide us all that we could possibly ask for and I [ ].