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Sep 29,  · While it always involves bum bumping, what qualifies as spanking therapy is up for debate. For example, as sex worker and sex educator Corey More explains, spanking therapy is any BDSM spanking. Jan 28,  · Could submitting yourself to physical punishment be the answer to what troubles you? Spanking therapy is the latest trend to motivate people to achieve their Author: The Doctors.

Spanking: Smacking of the buttocks with the palm of the hand or a small wooden implement such as a hairbrush, a wooden spoon or a small paddle. Spankings are usually administered with the child, teenager or submissive adult laying across the lap (knees) of the parent, guardian or punishing . Spanking Therapy utilizes a multi-faceted approach combining supportive counseling with a structured spanking plan designed to assist you in achieving your individual goals whether you are: -Seeking an open and understanding environment to talk about, process and explore your life-long thoughts and desires about spanking and discipline.