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Nov 10,  · Choosing the right hula hoop size for you. The most common problem beginner hoopers have is choosing the right hula hoop size for their particular purpose. If you’re a beginner looking for yourself or another, either adult or child, this hoop chooser will spin you to the most purrrfect hula hoop for you! After more th. Jul 24,  · I made a whole hula hoop for plus size section on this website because I myself am a plus size hula hooper. I want to make sure that all of you beautiful plus size ladies (and gents) who find Ruby Hooping feel immediately at ease about the idea of hula hooping with your unique body. Plus size people can hula hoop as well as anyone else!

Samantha has been practicing hoop dance since she fell in love with the movement back in After completing multiple Hoopnotica teacher training’s in the US and Hooplovers training online, she has been teaching and facilitating adult classes, workshops and parties for five plus years in the scenic Southern Georgian Bay, where she was born.