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The table below shows the primary benefit of each element, and regulatory response if the element is not completed: ADULT RESIDENTIAL LICENSING PERSONAL CARE HOME PREADMISSION SCREENING For Compliance with 55 § and § To be completed within 30 days prior to admissionFile Size: KB. In accordance with 55 § (g), a licensed nursing home administrator hired as a personal care home administrator after Jan. 31, , must complete and pass the department-approved personal care home administrator competency-based training test.

ADULT RESIDENTIAL LICENSING ASSISTED LIVING RESIDENCE COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL- PHYSICAL PREADMISSION SCREENING FORM For Compliance with 55 § (c)(1)-(2) To be completed within 72 hours prior to admission to a special care unit. PART I: Residence Information Residence Name and Address: PART II: Residence Information. Resident Name. Adult Residential Licensing - Documentation of Medical Evaluation (DME) INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. Applicable Regulations § (a)(1) - A resident shall have a medical evaluation by a physician, physician's assistant or certified registered nurse practitioner documented on a form specified by the Department, within 60 days prior to admission orFile Size: KB.

The Preadmission Screening process provides only a “sketch” of a resident’s needs, enough to make a decision about admission but not enough to develop a plan of care. The Adult Care Licensing Program licenses and monitors Adult Day Programs, Adult Residential Facilities, Social Rehabilitation Facilities, Residential Care Facilities for the Chronically Ill, and Enhanced Behavioral Support Homes for adults.

Personal care homes must complete a pre-admission screening to assess whether the home can meet an applicant’s needs. A medical evaluation must be completed 60 days prior to or 30 days after moving into the home. Within 15 days of admission, the facility must conduct an assessment of mobility needs, medication. Adult Residential Licensing - Resident Assessment-Support Plan (RASP) For compliance with 55 §§ Personal Care Needs, Supervision, Mobility, and Medications. Assessment: Personal Care Needs. Degree Codes. Resident requires some supervision in the home and needs attendance when outside the home, and/or tends to.