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Adult Musk Ox measure around – metres ( – feet) in length from head to rump and weigh – kilograms ( – pounds). Musk Ox stand around metres (3 feet inches) high at the shoulder. Males are larger than females. Their huge size means they have very few natural predators. Musk oxen live in the frozen Arctic and roam the tundra in search of the roots, mosses, and lichens that sustain them. In winter, they use their hooves .

Your typical adult musk ox is going to shed between five to seven pounds of this under-layer fur, also known as Qiviut, throughout the year. Musk ox will have babies regularly at the wildlife center every spring from April throughout May, and we will also bring in an influx of orphans throughout the summer season. Musk oxen are stocky mammals with large heads, short necks, and short, stout legs. Their name derives from their musky odour and from their superficial resemblance to the ox, though they are not closely related to cattle.

Mar 09,  · An adult musk ox can shed up to 5 or 6 pounds of qiviut every spring; however, the adult average on the farm is approximately pounds. Last year, the farm harvested more than pounds of fiber. Since Mark came on board in , the herd size has doubled, and there are now more than eighty head. Mature bulls are about 5 ft high ( m) at the shoulder and weigh – lbs ( – kg). Cows are smaller, averaging approximately 4 ft ( m) in height and weighing – lbs ( – kg). An lb muskox will dress out at about ( kg) lbs, providing roughly lbs ( kg) of meat.