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The Botched Operation game is a hilarious adult twist on classic Operation gameplay FUNNY GAMEPLAY: Like with the classic Operation game, players remove the patient's "ailments" from the board but in this edition they have to do it while performing silly and ridiculous challenges/5(). Bring out the doctor in your kid with Operation, a game they can play solo or with friends. We have games for everybody including Connect 4, Cards Against Humanity, adult puzzles and adult board games. Browse through our brainteaser games and family board games to have an amazing time with your kids, family and friends.

Operation is a board game where you must use steady hands to remove items from a body. If you touch the sides a buzzer and lights go off. Some things are easy to take out, others are difficult. I picked up an older copy of the game from Good Will for $1 the other week. Ankle injuries account for % of all youth soccer traumas. Girls wanting to not let post-operation marring keep them out of the fashion game can practice camoflauge techniques with Pedicure After Surgery and grace their feet with bracelets, nail polish, and more. Cryptonite is Superman's bane, and other superheros can take hard blows, too.

Watch your little surgeon operate and have a fun time while playing this Operation Board Game from Hasbro. Kids are sure to be occupied for hours using tweezers to take out all of Cavity Sam's 12 funny ailments. All they have to do is choose a doctor card and start the operation. Make Sam better or get the Hasbro. Oct 16,  · Did you know that Operation was invented in by John Spinello in ? He was a University of Illinois industrial design student at the time, and sold the rights to the game to Milton Bradley for $ and the promise of a job upon graduation. Turn Spinello’s iconic gam board into an adorable handmade costume.

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