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Age: This is a good monologue for an adult female. Length: 2 minute monologue. Tags: Dramatic female monologues, Dramatic monologues for women, serious monologues, drama monologues, monologues for women by women, womens monologues, audition monologues for women, contemporary monologues, modern monologues, monologues from published plays. Adult Female Monologues This is the list of female only Monologues. Trifles – Adult Female – Drama “But I tell you what I do wish, Mrs Peters.” from the play,”Trifles” Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters discuss the Wright household and their lack of making an effort to reach.

Dramatic monologue for adult female. 2 min. ELIZABETH: My mother told me to pray each day since I was HALL PASS – Adult Female – Comedic “I pretended to be asleep from the film “Hall Pass.”. Here we have compiled a list of various one minute monologues for women from tv shows, classic plays and movies. Even if they are one minute long or less, we considered this one minute monologues to be either interesting, expressive or emotional. 1) Wednesday Addams' surprise speech at .

Female Comedy Monologues. Monologue Blogger maintains thousands of free contemporary monologues from published plays you may use for your next acting audition. Contemporary. Featured Scripts. Blog Featured Scripts. 10 Practice Scripts for Actors . Movie Monologues for Women ’42nd Street’ (Dorothy Brock): “So you’re going to take my place” ‘Up in the Air’ (Natalie): “When I was sixteen, I thought by twenty three, I would be married”.

Oct 14,  · Monologues are like jazz squares — everybody loves a good one. On screen, monologues tend to come in emotional dramas, especially if they're written for women. Free monologues by D. M. Larson. "The Spirit of Christmas Indigestion" - Monologue - Female - from the play "Ebony Scrooge" ISBN "Dance with the Wind" - Romantic monologue - Female - from "Death of an Insurance Salesman" ISBN "Without My Beauty" short monologue for girl - solo stage play script for female adapted from published play Beauty IS a Beast .