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Elora Xavier is the only daughter of Professor Charles Xavier. Like her father she is a mutant she has the power of chronokinesis (time manipulation) but her mother was. Elora then crawled up towards Spyro and laid down next to him, placing her head on my chest. He could feel both of their hearts racing as they slowly came back to earth. With one leg across his, she panted, "A cave like this is a great way to fuck in public with attracting unwanted attention.

Elora never meant to hurt his feelings. She was a Faun, it was in her nature to be playful, and if a stray touch or a flirty gaze put him under her sway then why not? It’d become a guilty pleasure of hers. But a dragon can only take so much, and now she has to figure . In the midst of the Christmas party that is held in the Winter Tundra castle, Elora exited it into the chilly cold in order to take a breather and reminisce the unforgettable memories, which tugged at her heartstrings until she had Spyro on her mind. Unfortunately, he is stricken with .

Elora chimed in with a hilarious impression of the past villain's voice. This went on for the rest of the night as everyone added more stories in front of the fire. After everything was said and done almost everyone was past out from picking the large roasted chicken clean while the only two creatures stirring in the night were Spyro and Elora. FanFiction | unleash In the mean time, I've decided to give you this one-shot lemon of Spyro and Elora while you wait. Keep in mind I'm using the Spyro from the original series, and in this story he's a fully grown adult. Only Us. It was a cold rainy night. Thunder echoed throughout the valley. A small cloaked figure hiked up the mountain.