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The beginning of early adulthood, ages , is sometimes considered its own phase, emerging adulthood, but the developmental tasks that are the focus during emerging adulthood persist throughout the early adulthood years. Look at the list below and try to think of someone you know between 18 and 40 who fits each of the descriptions. Developmental tasks during midlife relate to, for example, achieving adult responsibilities, maintaining a standard of living, assisting children with the transition into adulthood, and adjusting to the physiological changes of middle age (e.g., menopause). Old age has often been characterized as a period of loss and decline.

The Developmental Tasks & Needs of Older Adults 1. Adjusting to decreasing physical health and strength. 2. Adjusting to retirement and reduced income. 3. Nurturing one another as husband and wife. 4. Caring for elderly relatives. 5. Maintaining contact with children and grandchildren. 6. Meeting social and civic responsibilities. twinkx.xyz Size: 85KB. Developmental tasks are links between the demands of society and one’s individuals needs (Havighurst, ). This human metamorphous at first seems to be physical, yet beneath the surface there are complex seen in three developmental tasks for the older adult - File Size: 53KB.

Emotional Development in Early Adulthood In his theory of psychosocial development, Erikson described two fundamental themes that dominate adulthood: love and work During early adulthood, individuals enter Erikson's intimacy versus isolation stage (developmental task of forming intimate relationships with others or becoming socially.