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Through an online survey, Belgian rural veterinary practitioners (RVP) were asked to assign a score to each disease according to their frequency (question 1), their trends estimated between (question 2), and finally to list the five most important diseases for adult cattle (question 3).Cited by: 3. All modern domestic cattle are believed to belong to the species Bos taurus (European breeds such as Shorthorn and Jersey) or Bos indicus (Zebu breeds such as Brahman) or to be crosses of these two (such as Santa Gertrudis). Breeds as they are known today did not always exist, and many are of recent origin.

Adult cattle have different nutritional needs than calves. What are the cattle’s overall feeding program? Pasture cattle (i.e., cattle that graze on pasture as a regular part of their feeding) will need mineral blocks or loose minerals to ensure complete nutrition. Are the cattle on pasture or dry lots? tered in adult cattle. The number of affected animals varies from single cows to widespread cases in some outbreaks, particularly if animals are crowded. Mortality rates in adults are low, compared with calves, although occasional outbreaks can be associated with the deathsCited by: 2.

Mar 26,  · I've read a lot about treating scours in calves, but not in adult cattle. I've got a cow, over 4 yrs old, that just started scouring after I took her 6mo old calf off her. She was eating hay, not green pasture and has never been sick before. I've gave 3 doses of Probios (15 MG) and she got. Winter dysentery is an infectious and contagious gastroenteric disorder of adult cattle, often reported in winter season characterized by profuse watery diarrhea with fresh blood, significant loss in milk production, and disturbs health conditions. The causative agent of this highly morbid disease is bovine coronavirus (BCoV) (Saif, ).