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adult care licensure section - Maud Jurez - Section Zero

The Adult Care Licensure Section (ACLS) of the Division of Health Service Regulation is responsible for: Licensing of adult care homes (seven or more beds) Licensing of family care homes (two to six beds) Registration of assisted living facilities called "multi-unit . The Adult Care Licensure Section (ACLS) offers Basic Orientation Training for new county department of social services (DSS) adult home specialists and their supervisors. The goal of Basic Orientation is to enhance the knowledge and skills of county DSS staff in the inspection and monitoring of adult care homes.

N.C. Licensed Care Facilities Disaster Plan Portal. You must have an NCID account to access the portal. you can register for a free NCID account online. DMA - Adult Care Home Personal Care Services (PCS) Physician Authorization and Plan of Care (PDF, 36 KB) Food Service Orientation Manual (PDF, KB) Resident Register (PDF, 48 KB). The Adult Care Licensure Section (ACLS) and Construction Section (Constr) of the Division of Health Service Regulation inspect or survey adult care homes. The types of inspections conducted by both sections include routine inspection (annual or biennial), complaint investigation and follow-up inspection.

With Construction section's recommendation for licensure, the Adult Care Licensure section (ACLS) issues the license with a cover letter to the applicant. The county DSS will receive a copy of the cover letter and license from the ACLS office. Initial licenses are .