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Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. It’s important to learn about your heart to help prevent it. If you have it, you can live a healthier, more active life by learning. Adult Cardiovascular Consultants provides consultations, care plans and minimally invasive procedures for patients with acute and chronic heart diseases.

May 30,  · Heart and blood vessel disease (also called heart disease) includes numerous problems, many of which are related to a process called atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a condition that develops when a substance called plaque builds up in the walls of the arteries. This buildup narrows the arteries, making it harder for blood to flow through. Adult heart disease refers to the various conditions or diseases that develop over time and present in early, mid, or late adulthood. This is different from heart conditions that you are born with (congenital heart defects). Structure of the Heart.

Adults age 65 and older are more likely than younger people to suffer from cardiovascular disease, which is problems with the heart, blood vessels, or both. Aging can cause changes in the heart and blood vessels that may increase a person's risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Program The Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Program addresses the health needs of adults who were born with heart defects, whether their conditions were treated when they were children or diagnosed later in adulthood.

#4 in Adult Cardiology & Heart Surgery Hospitals. New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell in New York, NY is nationally ranked in 15 adult specialties and 8 . Sep 17,  · Heart disease is one of the leading health risks facing men today. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), more than one in three adult men has heart disease. Heart disease is an.