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adult breastfeeding erection - MARY WIFE in adult breastfeeding - amamentando marmanjo

May 31,  · In fact, research on the subject goes all the way back to the s, when a study found that breastfeeding can produce uterine contractions, Author: Sa'iyda Shabazz. Jul 16,  · 'Strange Sex': Man Battles Erectile Dysfunction By Breastfeeding (VIDEO) There is a booming pharmaceutical industry out there to help men deal with erectile dysfunction. But year old Jeff has found a more natural remedy, and it's one definitely worthy of the description " Strange Sex " (Sun., 10 p.m. ET on TLC).

Jul 12,  · The girl, now age 2, has stopped breastfeeding, but Michelle, 27, is now producing milk for the couple's 8-month-old son. Jeff drinks his wife's milk "straight from the source." Not only do both partners find the process intensely erotic, but Jeff also says that it significantly alleviates his symptoms of erectile Hilary Hanson. I was reading a article on sex and motherhood (I know, I know, my first mistake) and a writer mentioned hearing that breastfeeding while masturbating could be very erotic, so she decided to try it out.. Eventually, I felt around and masturbated, tentatively. As I became aroused, my breasts squirted milk. That was cool. I felt like a teenage boy trying to see how far he could shoot.

Erections seem to be the key, whether or not they're accompanied by sex. Anecdotal reports and expert opinion in sexual medicine indicate that having erections -- with or without sex -- helps. The Personal Ads section on Dreams of Milk is provided as a FREE service to the Adult Nursing/Adult Breastfeeding community. Please take care that anything you disclose does not compromise your personal safety. We do have a few simple rules to keep this a safe space for everyone: All ads are vetted before being posted. No harassment of others.