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Title Tyr pursues, unites his Pride, Beka caves. Author Genna Star Rating NC Pairings Tyr/Beka other possibly pairings. Chapter 1: It's time to get to the heart of the matter. The sexual tension had been building between Beka and Tyr for months. It was uncomfortable and aggravatingly noticeable. A C2 community that showcases all the best fan fiction about Beka Valentine from angst to comedy you'll find it all here. The Kodiak Cycle: In the Middle by B.L.A. the Mouse While being caught between Beka and Tyr can be awkward, there are some aspects of it that Harper wouldn't change for the world. Part three of three.

A series of ficlets exploring the crew and their relationships built around the winter prompts for Reddit's fanfiction sub. These will focus more on the Maru crew and will skew towards Harper/Trance. Language: English Words: 1, Chapters: 4 Of all the men Beka had fallen in love with, Tyr had been the worst. Frankly speaking, he was a. Meanwhile, Beka and Tyr have some awkward conversations which reveal a side to Tyr that Beka hadn’t really considered. A note on 'Matt': a few people have queried the use of 'Matt' for a penname. Well, if you take a look at my email address, you'll notice that it's 'Matteabrit' (after another interest of mine).

Beka started to protest as Tyr bent to lift Harper from the floor. Tyr raised his eye brows questioningly as he carefully manoeuvred Harper's injured arm into a comfortable position before settling him as gently as possible into his arms. Harper stirred slightly moaning in . Beka pushed through and it was liking crossing the veil into a frigid wasteland Harper'd had the nerve to call a winter wonderland earlier, as if it were something to behold. Though, she had to admit, if it weren't so damn cold out, it might have been beautiful with snow piled up on tree branches and well-pruned shrubs.

He sighed again at the thought. He felt bad for Tyr. Felt bad for both of them, really, stuck in what seemed to be the same cross-purposes, cross-cultural pattern, but more for Tyr. Harper wished Beka would either fish or cut bait rather than keep torturing the worm like that. Bad analogy, especially the part with Tyr as a worm, but truth. Aug 16,  · This site is for Adult Readers Only. All stories are intended for a mature audience, and may contain violence, strong language and sexual subject matter. If you are not 18 years of age, please GO BACK or visit the LINKS page to find another premier TYR fan fiction site.